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dge that cut the s▓kin sharply. Would such a bl▓ow cause death at once Instantaneousl●y. Can you say how long the● man had been dead Not less than ten minu▓tes.Not more than half an hour. ▓ After an intimation th

at Dr.Sperry would be r▓ecalled later, Lyon was called. Lyon ha●d made no mention of the running gi▓rl in his report for the News, but he f●oresaw that that matter would come out in h▓is examination, and he hastily resolved that ●the

re was one point of infor▓mation which he would not volunteer,--th●e house which she had entered.Let them ask hi●m, if they wanted to get at that! H●e testified, in answer to the pr▓eliminary questions, that he was returnin?/p>

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駁 from the concert and was o●n Hemlock Avenue between Sher▓man and Hooker Streets when

a heavy b
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he heard the police▓man's whistle and ran back to see what the dis▓turbance was. You

low Yes

had passed the co▓rner of Sherman Street a few minutes before ▓ Yes. And you saw no

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thing ▓unusual I saw a man's muffl●er on the ground.I have turned it over● to the of

ngi●ng bl

ficers. The mu▓ffler was produced and examined.At o▓ne place the folds were stiff ●a

ow.It was

nd matted together.The jury e▓xamined the stain. Was this s▓pot wet when you picked t


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he muffler▓ up I did not notice. ▓Did you see any one on the st▓reet While I was farther up on Hemlock● Avenue I noti

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id so Yes. Di●d you see him examine the body● I did not see him touch it. Was h●e near enough to identify the body He ●was near enoug

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    h, so far as that ●goes. He did not volunteer any informati▓on as to who the dead man was, though ▓he was near enough

  • Sam Peterson , usa

    to recognize him, an▓d presumably must have recognize▓d him I did not hear him say anything.● Was the light sufficiently● bright to enable you to see clearly ● It was rather a shado

  • Sarah Smith , usa

    wy spot.The●re are lamps at the corners of the block only●.We were standing about the ●middle of the block. The next●

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witness sprung the surprise of the d▓ay.He was a boy of eighteen, Ed Kenyon by na▓me, w

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ho had been attracted by the quick●ly spreading report of a murder.Asked to ●t

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ell his story, he said: After the rest o●f the crowd had gone home, some of

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u●s fellows thought we would hunt for the murderer▓, so we mad

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e up a party and looked in▓ all the alleys and went through● some of the back

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